Verdicts & Settlements

A South Dakota man suffered a severe injury to his leg necessitating an amputation just below the knee. Plaintiff was riding his motorcycle along a South Dakota highway when he was struck head on by the driver of a rental car. The driver lost control of the rental vehicle as a result of driving too fast for the conditions as well as the car’s poor alignment and insufficient tire tread. Suit was brought against the individual driver for negligence and the rental car company for negligence, willful and wanton conduct and punitive damages. Plaintiff alleged the rental car company knowingly failed to properly maintain the car and released the car into the stream of commerce knowing it posed a danger to its customers and other drivers.

$8.1 Million

Man involved in a motor vehicle accident in the Middle East while on vacation suffered Quadriplegia. Defendant was a foreign entity and recovery in the Middle east would have been minimal

$4.5 Million- Negligence-Automobile

8 Year old girl was a passenger in her brother’s car. Brother had no insurance and admitted to speeding 15 MPH in excess of the speed limit when a farm truck pulled out on the road. The girl suffered mild traumatic brain injury

$4 Million – Negligence – Trucking- Brain Injury

An Illinois man suffered third degree burns in a 20lb propane tank explosion resulting in his death. He was survived by his son. The case was a product liability action against the manufacturer of the tank, the distributor of the propane, and the re-filler. The case settled post jury verdict.

$3.35 Million, Product Liability Explosion

A woman died when her vehicle stalled on the Metra tracks. Metra’s lights and gates failed to provide adequate warning and notice of the approaching train. She was survived by her husband and two children.

$3.2 Million, Metra Train Crash

Man beaten and tasered by police who was accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend.

$3 Million – Police Brutality – 1983 case

A truck left turned in front of a 24 year old unemployed man driving his automobile causing his car to skid and hit a light pole. The driver suffered a closed head injury and fractured hip requiring surgery.

$2.5 Million, Negligence – Trucking

Plaintiff, an avid pilot, died as a passenger in a twin engine, personal transport aircraft. The individual piloting the aircraft at the time of Plaintiff’s death misrepresented his experience flying the twin engine plane and failed to maintain adequate speed when attempting to land. As a result the aircraft nosedived, killing the pilot and his four passengers. Plaintiff’s estate brought suit against the pilot and his employer for negligence and wrongful death.

$2.4 Million, Airplane Crash

An Illinois man suffered third degree burns over 75 percent of his body in a propane tank explosion. Though Plaintiff survived the burns, he died several years later due to complications from his injuries. Plaintiff brought a wrongful death and survival claims against a number of defendants including the propane tank manufacturer, the overfill protection device manufacturer, and the retailer whose employee overfilled the propane tank that resulted in Plaintiff’s injuries and eventual death. Defendants argued Plaintiff alleging was contributorily negligent for maintaining the propane tank near an active space heater.

$2.01 Million

Child who died due to delays in resuscitation at birth.

$1.9 Million- Medical Malpractice

A building janitor suffered a closed head injury and bilateral heel fractures when he fell into an orchestra pit during the renovation of a high school. The case was the highest recorded verdict against an architect for construction negligence in Cook County at the time.

$1.68 Million, Construction Negligence

Young woman rear ended by a truck with an unoperated sublocation at her neck. Highest recorded non-operated sublocation neck injury in Cook County

$1,551,566 Verdict in Cook County – Trucking Negligence

A corrections officer was transporting prisoners from a courthouse back to jail when a semi-truck pulled out suddenly causing the prisoner transport van to t-bone the semi-truck. Plaintiff was seriously injured, requiring several surgical procedures on his lumbar spine including a multi-level fusion and revision. Plaintiff’s recovery was limited as the Defendant had only a $1 million dollars in insurance coverage from which Plaintiff, his co-worker, and a prisoner had to be compensated for their injuries suffered in the crash.