Police Misconduct

The police are charged with serving and protecting their community. At times however, policemen and women abuse their position of power and unlawfully harm members of the community they are tasked with serving. Under the United States Code Section 1983, a victim of police abuse or an individual whose constitutional rights were violated by government officials can seek compensation for their injuries by filing a civil claim. The O’Connor Law Firm is highly experienced at representing individuals who were unreasonably tasered, attacked by a police dog, beaten during arrest or detainment, and denied medical treatment while detained.

Kevin O’Connor is highly experienced at litigating and facilitating the settlement of these claims including; 1983 Civil Rights Violations (police brutality and abuse), Failure to provide medical care and False Arrest. He is dedicated to our clients’ rights and cares deeply about fighting systems of police abuse imbedded in our clients’ communities.