O'Connor Law Firm Files Suit in Marcellis Stinnette Case

The O’Connor Law Firm, Ltd., on behalf of the family of Marcellis Stinnette, filed a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Waukegan, Officer Dante Salinas, Officer James Keating, and Waukegan Chief of Police Wayne Walles. O’Connor Law Firm, Ltd. is dedicated to achieving justice and meaningful police reform on behalf of Marcellis Stinnette and his family. Read the complaint here. 

View video of  Waukegan Police Officer Dante Salinas' Prior Misconduct: 


View view of Attorney Kevin W. O'Connor warning Waukegan City Council of police misconduct and the need for reform in 2014: 



Court Rules Against City of Chicago in Tragic Fire Case

This is a monumental ruling by the Court where the Court denied the City of Chicago’s motion to dismiss, seeking to excuse them from responsibility for their reckless conduct which cost the lives of these ten children. In coming to this decision, the Court pointed out that the City of Chicago inspected the premises the day before the fire, noting thirty-eight code violations, and took no action. The Court has determined that the City of Chicago can be held responsible for this reckless conduct. It is our hope that this ruling will force the city to stop its conduct which puts the lives and safety of its residents at risk every day. This appears to be a widespread pattern and practice throughout all facets of the City of Chicago’s governmental departments from the alderman, to the police department, all the way down to the city inspectors. Taxpayer dollars are not being used to protect the residents of Chicago and this has to change. Kevin W. O’Connor of O’Connor Law Firm, Ltd. represents several of the deceased minor Plaintiffs and their families.